Saturday, June 12, 2010

Violin Sounds in Warsaw Poland

The sound of a Violin players music was going through my ears and sending wonderful signals through my body, something I felt certain I would have to write about here on musictab. I love it when a musician plays in a way that their playing just seems to touch every part of your body.

I was strolling past Centrum metro in Warsaw in Poland and the melodic tunes from a busker captured my interest. The musician who was busking was sending some pleasing notes to my body, the melody captured my attention, and as a result of his soulful music I felt I should try to project to the world of music lovers just what a great sound I heard. Talented musicians is something which is an ongoing subject at musictab.

Here at musictab we like to be very detailed about the information we give, bringing that point into effect I would like to tell you about the equipment musictab noticed, he was playing an electric violin, through a small guitar amplifier, as well as he had a CD to play the backing tracks. What he really had was the art of projecting an instrument through many hours of studying musical theory, and practising his instrument daily, as a result of this he was able to play a wide range of songs, which some of them were very difficult to play yet he was able to make it seem effortless.

If your a traveller of the world as I am, then you know for sure you can find good music all over the world, and the beautiful sounds which I heard come from the violin player in Warsaw, were no exception to that rule, something we know for certain here at musictab.

Musicians lovers, if you can, always tip a busker as we do at musictab.

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