Monday, August 23, 2010

In the Crowd written by Paul Weller

Have you ever heard a song that just starts your imagination going into all directions? I am a great lover of music and such thoughts often come into focus, however one which comes to mind now is In The Crowd written by Paul Weller he is a great lyricist as well as terrific song writer and has hundreds of songs to prove it and this classic is no exception.

There is a verse in the song which often comes to mind, here it is “And everyone seems that they're acting a dream'cause they're just not thinking about each other and they're taking orders, which are media spawned and they should know better, now you have been warned and don't forget you saw it here first” This is a part of the song that often just comes to mind and makes me want to play the song.

Paul Weller first wrote the song when was only 18 years old whilst he was in the Jam, its a track taken from a very good album called All Mod Cons. Paul combined intelligent lyrics with good music and despite the fact In The Crowd was written over 25 years ago here in August 2010 it still sounds fresh an innovative. So many good songs have been written by Paul Weller.

The live version of In the Crowd is good but when I compare it to the one off the album I prefer the studio recording from the the two.

Hats off to In the Crowd written by Paul Weller.

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